Property owners in particular should take note. The Tax Administration is starting to send out payment instructions for real estate tax. Taxpayers can receive information on the amount of the tax via data box, email or by post in the form of a deposit slip, depending on the form of delivery of the documents from the tax office. 

The deadline for payment of the tax is 31 May 2024. For taxpayers whose tax does not exceed CZK 5,000, this is a single annual payment. For taxpayers who are assessed more than CZK 5,000 or who have more than one property located in more than one county, the payment can be split into two instalments, the first of which is due on 31 May 2024 and the second instalment will need to be paid by 30 November 2024.

It is expected that the vast majority of taxpayers will have to pay a higher tax this year than in previous years due to the amendments to the Real Property Tax Act that took effect on January 1, 2024 as part of the consolidation package. The average increase is expected to be approximately 80 %. 

"The most convenient way to pay the tax is through online banking. The payment information on the deposit slip, in an e-mail or a data message also contains a QR code, after which the necessary data is filled in", adds 

Author: Richard Novotný - Junior Tax Consultant

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