Vítězslav Hruška


Vítězslav is responsible for business development and strategic development of relationships with key customer segments of the consultancy group PKF APOGEO.​ ​He began his career in the PKF APOGEO Group in 2005. He devoted himself to business management, marketing, PR while he also professionally profiled in the area of international structures and their design and management. In 2011 he became a minority shareholder and partner of the PKF APOGEO Group. Vítězslav is behind the creation of the PKF Family Office idea, which provide comprehensive professional counseling in the field of family matters management and property management.​ ​Vítězslav is a member of the committee of the Association for the Support and Development of Trust Funds z.s. He is also a recognized trustee in the Czech Republic. Vítězslav graduated from the Czech Agricultural University in Prague, Faculty of Economics, with a focus on management, business and finance.

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