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Tax consultations

Our company offers comprehensive tax consultations across various fields, helping clients optimize their tax obligations and leverage all available tax benefits. Our experts are highly qualified in tax legislation and regularly update their knowledge to provide current and effective solutions. We offer a personalized approach, valuing the specific needs of each client, whether they are small entrepreneurs or large corporations. 


Processing or revising corporate income tax returns

The service of processing or revising corporate income tax returns is intended for companies that want to ensure the accuracy and compliance of their tax obligations with current legislation. Our specialists conduct a thorough review of the provided documents and prepare the tax return to maximize possible tax benefits and minimize the risk of errors that could lead to additional tax liabilities or penalties. Thanks to our deep knowledge of tax laws and constant monitoring of the latest changes, our service offers you peace of mind and the assurance that your tax obligation is correctly and efficiently fulfilled. Our approach includes individual consultations during which we identify the specific needs of your company. 


Processing or revising income tax returns for individuals

Our service for processing and revising income tax returns for individuals is designed to provide personal support to individuals in fulfilling their tax obligations. We offer comprehensive solutions, from preliminary analysis of your financial situation to the final submission of the tax return, aiming to optimize your tax burden and ensure the utilization of all available deductions and reliefs. Our experts ensure that your tax return is in compliance with the latest changes in tax legislation, thereby minimizing the risk of errors and potential sanctions. 


Consultancy in the field of VAT / Cross-border VAT issues / Excise duty

VAT consultancy offers comprehensive support for businesses of all sizes navigating the complex environment of value-added tax and excise duty. From basic VAT/excise duty registration to regular tax returns, all the way to intricate international transactions, we provide thorough analysis and strategic solutions to optimize your VAT obligations. We offer an individualized approach, understanding the specifics of your business and proposing tailor-made solutions that meet your needs and goals.


Tax inspections / tax administration

Through our qualified experts, we will fully represent you in all dealings with the tax authorities. Experience, especially in the knowledge of procedural and methodological approaches, is essential for successfully passing a tax inspection. Representation in tax proceedings will save you time, stress, and ultimately overall costs. Our team is ready to assist you in further stages, such as preparing appeals or administrative lawsuits against decisions of the appellate financial directorate.


International Taxation

Through the international network of PKF, we have global coverage with more than 400 offices in over 150 countries. PKF has local expertise and presence wherever you need us. Our collective experiences and specialized knowledge are what enable us to transform your business for the better. In the Czech Republic, you'll have one point of contact for your worldwide tax needs. We'll develop personalized tax solutions for you based on deep expertise and understanding of your business, needs, and goals. 


Taxation of Non-Profit Organizations

We provide comprehensive advice and support in the field of taxation for non-profit organizations to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by the non-profit sectors in terms of tax regulations. Our experts are equipped with the latest information on tax reliefs and exemptions available for non-profit organizations, and they are ready to help you optimize your tax position while maintaining full transparency and compliance with tax laws. We offer personalized consulting services tailored to your specific needs to ensure that your organization can maximize its resources to achieve its mission. 


Transfer pricing

Our team of experts in transfer pricing will help you effectively formulate the principles and information required to establish and document transfer pricing arrangements according to the new OECD-recommended standard. We will collaborate with you to find the most efficient structures, mitigate tax risks, and develop transfer pricing models that evolve with your business. 


Property and Transfer Taxes

In the area of property and transfer taxes, we provide comprehensive support and advice for both individuals and businesses grappling with questions related to real estate tax, gift tax, and inheritance tax. We approach these tax areas with an emphasis on optimizing tax obligations and minimizing the tax burden while simultaneously complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Our services include thorough planning and strategy, as well as adapting to constantly changing tax rules. We offer personalized advice that leverages our extensive experience and knowledge to ensure that your transactions and property portfolios are structured as efficiently as possible from a tax perspective.


Other taxes (environmental taxes, road tax)

Our services in the field of other taxes, including environmental taxes and road tax, provide advice to meet these specific tax obligations. We offer tax burden optimization and ensure compliance with applicable laws, allowing you to efficiently manage your tax responsibilities and support sustainable business practices. 

Why work with us?

  • We provide a wide range of consulting services across all fields. 
  • We leverage deep expertise, technologies, and tools to help you navigate the latest changes, stay compliant with regulations, and strengthen your business position. With respect to your needs, we integrate our specialized tax services to help you address the most complex problems and opportunities you face. 
  • Most importantly, our people combine deep expertise with genuine business acumen. This means an unwavering focus on helping you achieve your business goals. 
  • We collaborate with individuals and organizations of all sizes, both in the private and public sectors across a range of tax solutions.
  •  We share extensive experience gained from domestic and international projects with our clients.
  •  We actively communicate with clients, uncover their needs, and propose practical solutions to meet their requirements. 
  • Thanks to our proactive approach, we can effectively communicate with both clients' internal teams and other advisors. 
  • We regularly educate and train ourselves on the latest developments across the services offered. 
  • As a member of the PKF APOGEO Group, we meet the requirements of international standards, ensuring smooth execution of entrusted projects.

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