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Forensic Audit

  • An investigation aimed at uncovering potential fraud, embezzlement, or other illegal activities within a company or related to an executed project.
  • A detailed analysis of the acquired data and its evaluation.
  • Assessment of the procedures for handling financial resources in terms of economy, purposefulness, and efficiency.
  • Identification of responsible individuals.
  • Determination of the extent of the damage caused.
  • Identification of risks.
  • Proposing measures to eliminate potential errors.

Internal Audit

  • Support, setup, and implementation of the internal audit system.
  • Focus on improving internal company procedures.
  • Creation of corporate governance and management systems.
  • Development of management and control processes.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the risk management system.
  • Assessment of the efficient setup of internal company processes.

Legal due diligence

  • Legal examination for cases of business sales, acquisitions, granting of loans, or investor entry.
  • Verification and evaluation of the legal status of the entity.
  • Examination of corporate, labor, and contractual areas.
  • Verification of ownership rights to movable and immovable property and intellectual property rights.
  • Assessment of risks from ongoing or potential legal or other proceedings.
  • Creation of an accurate representation of the actual circumstances within the assessed entity.

Compliance due diligence

  • Verification of the company's settings and processes for compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Prevention of reputational risks.
  • Verification and management of compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • In-depth analysis focused on data protection.
  • Assessment of the whistleblower protection system settings.
  • Assessment of anti-corruption regulations settings.
  • Evaluation of compliance in the area of labor law legislation.

Corporate Intelligence

  • Assessment of third-party integrity.
  • Verification of personnel and asset connections.
  • Identification of potential risks associated with business relationships with suppliers, clients, or business partners.
  • Analysis of data from publicly available sources and databases.
  • Assessment of potential reputational risks.

Contract Assurance

  • Revision of contract terms with key suppliers.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of established contractual relationships.
  • Preparation of a strategy for negotiating more favorable contract terms with business partners.
  • Verification of compliance with the established contracts.
  • Detection of potential breaches of contractual obligations.
  • Assistance in the enforcement of contractual penalties and compensation claims.

Dispute and Claims Management

  • Gathering documentation and preparing analyses for use in commercial and legal disputes, insolvency proceedings, arbitration, and other adjudications.
  • Determining the extent of identified damages.
  • Preparing procedural strategies for the proper assertion of identified claims.
  • Developing strategic procedures for debt recovery.
  • Assisting with the administration and management of claims in cooperation with law firms.

Support during inspections by public authorities

  • Assistance and support during inspections conducted by public authorities.
  • Representation in dealings with public authorities in cooperation with law firms.
  • Assistance in implementing prescribed corrective measures.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Implementation of effective processes to eliminate similar errors in the future operations of the company.

Why work with us

Forensic Audit
  • We have extensive experience in forensic auditing in managerial positions within enterprises and corporations, as well as in the public administration and legal sectors.
  • We collaborate with leading experts, auditing firms, and law offices on the Czech market.
  • Our team is composed of professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills, including experienced lawyers, accountants, auditors, former regulatory body members, former senior managers from public administration, data analysts, and former law enforcement officers.
  • We are advisors, not judges; we identify errors and advise you on how to effectively correct them.
  • We have participated in numerous significant audits with nationwide impact, always maintaining a high level of integrity and credibility, with a focus on quality and understanding the client's needs.
  • We offer services with high added value, supported by the resources of a large consulting group with a global presence.

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