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Identification of relevant regulations and standards

  • Identification of all relevant legal regulations and standards that relate to your activities. This may include areas such as labor law, personal data protection, workplace health and safety, environmental regulations, financial regulations, etc. 

Development of compliance policies, internal regulations, and procedures

  • Creation of written policies and procedures specifying how the organization will ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Creation or revision of internal regulations.
  • Creation of operation manuals.
  • Modification of websites and configuration of template documents.

Training and education of employees

  • Ensuring regular training for employees on legal regulations, internal policies, and ethical standards.
  • Development of training materials for employees and concerned parties.

Internal audits and controls

  • Conducting regular audits and controls to evaluate the effectiveness of compliance programs.
  • Identification and resolution of any discrepancies.

Support in investigation and resolution of issues

  • Assistance in internal investigation of compliance breaches.
  • Detection of conflicts of interest.
  • Proposal of measures for correction and prevention of future issues. 

Ensuring compliance with external regulations

  • Adhering to the requirements of regulatory bodies and industry standards.
  • Preparing for inspections and audits by regulatory authorities.

Code of Ethics and Company Values

  • Assistance in creating and implementing codes of ethics and corporate values.
  • Ensuring that ethics and integrity are part of the corporate culture.

Protection of Personal Data

  • Ensuring compliance with personal data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR).
  • Implementation of measures to protect sensitive information.

Anti-Corruption Program and Its Setup

  • Assistance with the creation and implementation of an anti-corruption program.
  • Comparison with the government program or with foreign programs.

Criminal Management System for Exemption from Criminal Liability for Legal Entities

  • Verification, creation, and implementation of a system designed to support the exemption from criminal liability for legal entities.
  • Designation of responsible persons – compliance officer, ombudsman, ethics committee, etc.
  • Ensuring the performance of the aforementioned roles.

Whistleblowing and its Implementation

  • Review, creation, and implementation of a system for the protection of whistleblowers according to the Whistleblower Protection Act.
  • Establishment and support of responsible persons.
  • Setting up an ethics hotline.
  • Consulting and training.

Comprehensive consulting in the area of ESG

  • Education and training.
  • Benchmarking and competitor analysis.
  • Integration of ESG into strategic planning.
  • Carbon footprint assessment.
  • Emissions reduction and energy efficiency.
  • Sustainable resources and supply.
  • Waste and recycling.
  • Diversity and inclusion.
  • Working conditions and human rights.
  • Community engagement and social responsibility.
  • Health and safety.
  • Ethics and compliance.
  • Risk management.
  • Transparency and reporting.
  • Stakeholder engagement.

Why work with us

ESG and compliance
  • Our team is composed of experts who possess the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • We collaborate with established entities within the environmental sector.
  • We offer services with significant added value due to the backing of a large consulting group with a global presence.

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