What we specialize in


Acquisition and divestment consultancy (M&A)

Leave the risks of buying or selling a business to us and we will maximize the value of the transaction for you. We are part of the international network Pandea Global M&A, enabling us to assist with acquisition expansion abroad or to present your company to potential investors in other countries.


Financial and tax reviews

In cooperation with our audit and tax colleagues, we will review a company’s management and accounting, as well as other financial and tax risks. Whether you are buying or selling a company, or want to see if you have any skeletons in the closet, our due diligence can help you. 


Investor entry and financing

We will prepare your company for the entry of an external investor, help you prepare your company for sale, and help you set up a suitable structure. We have experience in assisting companies in obtaining bank, mezzanine and equity financing for their development, acquisition or other projects. 


Management consulting within the business life cycle

We will prepare a suitable set-up for new projects and start-ups, help with expansion abroad, and advise you on how to operate with regard to risk diversification. With us, you don't have to worry about winding up a business, dealing with succession or managing intergenerational handovers.


Restructuring and corporate transformations

We address important issues such as strategic decision-making related to downsizing through mergers, demergers and changes in legal forms. We handle organisational changes, disposals of company plants and company reorganisations, including valuations, tax and legal structuring and audits. 


Structuring holding group set-ups and transfer pricing solutions

By properly setting up a domestic holding structure, we will design an efficient organisational and ownership structure that yields significant savings, reduces transaction costs and mitigates risks. Within broader structures and holdings, we work closely with our valuation office and tax specialists to set transfer prices correctly.


Managerial and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)

We tailor stock or similar programs for management or key employees to meet your needs.We have practical experience setting these up in family businesses, holding structures, and startups. We offer valuation, tax, and legal setup services.


Rationalising the tax burden and reducing business risks

We help clients reduce the transfer of risks from business to their private assets and separate different risky projects and activities.
The above is associated with appropriate setting and effective reduction of the tax burden and risks (transfer of inefficient losses, rational property holding, correct use of depreciation and deductions)


Interim management and implementation of strategic changes

If you are implementing changes in a company, dealing with acquisitions or crises, contemplating an intergenerational handover, facing a sudden disruption in the finance department, then temporary assistance and management consulting is crucial for this evolution, process setup or change in the company. 

Why work with us?

Strategy and M&A
  • We provide a wide range of consultancy services with more than 120 experienced professionals.
  • Our clients benefit from extensive experience we've gained in both domestic and foreign projects.
  • We understand our clients' needs, propose solutions and create analyses supporting the solutions.
  • We work effectively with clients' internal teams and other consultants.
  • We keep up with news across the services offered.
  • As a member of the PKF APOGEO Group, we meet the requirements of the international standards, thus guaranteeing the smooth management of projects entrusted to us.
  • As members of the international network Pandea Global M&A, we and our clients gain access to foreign acquisitions, investors, and knowledge of local markets, thus providing long-term access to an expanded set of acquisition targets and advisors to support international expansion.

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